• A Gold Legacy

  • As a product of the knowledge, creativity, collective identity and rites of ancient cultures, Andean Fine Jewelry has left an indelible mark. Chavín, Mochica, Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca: these were the names of the great cultures, which with meticulous care and devotion worked with gold and silver for 3.000 years.


  • The reliving of a singular art

  • MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA finds inspiration in the motifs present in the rich iconography of pre-Hispanic societies: geometric forms, magical bestiaries and ritual reenactments evoke Andean beliefs and the rites associated with them.


  • Tribute to a tradition

  • As prestige items associated with the divine, pre-Columbian jewelry evoes a way of seeing the world. The essence of MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA is derived from its respect for such tradition.


  • The woman Motché

  • Audacious, adventurous, extravagant or delicate: Carole Fraresso finds her inspiration in women’s uniqueness and mysteries. For those modern-day women, passionate and impertinent, Motché shapes gold and silver sheets with authentic old-fashion techniques, once devoted to unusual personalities.