Know how

  • Science at the service of Creation

  • Pre-Columbian jewelry

    is a craft of ancestral know-how;

    it is a craft that must relearn.


    After several years of research, Carole Fraresso based her doctoral thesis on Andean metallurgy. The young archaeologist decided to settle in Peru and, in the intimate setting of museum collections, inspired by the most beautiful international collections, she embarked upon the task of designing her first pieces. She designed her first exclusive collection of jewelry for Lima’s Larco Museum, reinventing the concept of pre-Columbian jewelry making.


  • Exceptional Talents

  • Lightness and high mobility

    of the forms.


    MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA combines specialist scientific knowledge with rare ancient technologies to create exceptional jewelry. One of the techniques employed by MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA is the working of thin sheets of gold and silver (less than 1 mm thick), worked by hand and shaped through embossing, a process involving skill and delicacy gained from many years of experience. The jewelry created using these methods is defined by its lightness, facilitating the combining of what are often imposing dimensions with great mobility in terms of form.


  • Responsible Values

  • Motché preserve

    the ancient know-how

    of Peruvian jewelry.


    The recreation of Andean ritual codes through personal jewelry requires careful consideration of the ways in which we can approach responsibly the shared task of safeguarding one of the world’s greatest cultural legacies. MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA chooses to operate in workshops designed on a human scale, supporting dedicated local artisans who are the repositories of ancient manufacturing techniques. Production is limited because of the time and care invested in their craft by our metalworkers and gem cutters, who are among the few who still practice these ancestral trades.