Responsible Luxury

  • For nearly 1.500 years, recycling has been a normal and mostly systematic practice in ancient Peru’s societies. The scientific study of a metallurgical workshop from Huaca de la Luna Moche, archaeological site in Trujillo, Peru, showed that pre-Colombian goldsmiths were recycling their own metal scraps and damaged works by re-melting them.


    Gold has been recycled for millennia.


    In line with this local and economic ancient custom, Motché has made the conscious choice to use recycled gold coming from damaged and old-fashioned jewelry. These pieces have been collected among the consumers and even our customers willing to give a new life to their own jewelry. The produced molten gold is further refined to restore its purity while respecting gold market regulation.

  • To reduce the environmental impact of our production, Motché has used recovered gold in the brand’s jewelry designs. This recycling approach has proved successful: an ancestral practice revived in the 21st century eco-responsible prerogatives.


    An Eco-Responsible Luxury.


    Reusing gold allows to minimize mining extraction and save significant amounts of energy and water, while reducing environmental degradation caused by toxic emissions from mercury and cyanide. Choosing sustainability means committing in full transparency to transformation and production processes that are respectful of people and natural resources. It is also about preserving an endangered intangible heritage by ensuring the transmission of traditional gestures and know-how to the future Peruvian craftsmen’s generation.