The Odyssey Motché

  • Motché offers you a journey of initiation that will allow you to discover and experience an ancient way of living and creating art. For exclusive and made to order pieces, the designer invites you to Lima, encouraging you to travel to Peru, where the secrets of pre-Columbian jewelry will be revealed to you. At the end of your odyssey, you will receive in person your precious jewelry. This is a special journey, aimed at those connoisseurs in search of a unique experience.

    Be iniated...

The Motché Paris-Lima designer, Carole Fraresso, attributes her skill and culturally-aware artistry to her professional training in archaeology, which has enabled her to breathe new life into the art of pre-Columbian jewelry making. Her story began with a journey into Peru’s past, and today she invites you to experience the most important sites of this cradle of civilization.

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