A collection inspired by the jewelry of a Mochica prince.

In 2008, the world discovers the funerary chamber of the Lord of Ucúpe. The luxurious splendor of its sophisticated jewelry offerings imbues these Mochica style adornments with the imposing strength of a mythological art which can be disturbing at times, and which is associated with a complex political and religious tradition. These treasures, inaccessible to the ordinary people of the time, reflect the powerful position of a distinguished leader who was associated with the supreme ritual of sacrifice. On the occasion of their exhibition at the Museum of Ethnology of Geneva, the Maison Motché has recreated this sense of ritual in a jewelry collection based on the adornments of a Lord who was literally "dressed to kill".

The Museum of Ethnology of Geneva and the Maison Motché have collaborated to create an exclusive collection which pays tribute to the archaeological treasures of a Mochica prince. This collection will be exclusively sold in the MEG boutique and Motché online e-shop during the exhibition “Mochica kings: Divinity and power in ancient Peru”.


* Exhibition from 01 November 2014 to 03 May 2015, Museum of Ethnology of Geneva (MEG).

Photography: Guillermo Vilcherrez.