From June 21 to 28, 2017, artist Elo de la Rüe du Can partnered with jewelry house Motché to showcase their exclusive work in a pop-up exhibition entitled Parade that will take place at Galerie Valence in Paris in the heart of Drouot quarters.

Presenting a series of 12 hand-painted silks and a selection of 30 jewelry pieces from Motché Paris-Lima, the exhibition connects French contemporary textile art to Peruvian traditional jewelry. Through this unique collaboration, Elo de la Rüe du Can and Carole Fraresso have challenged the rules of fashion accessory by placing contemporary jewelry as the object’s high point.

Away from any industrial printing process, Elo de la Ruë du Can paints by hand yards of luxury silk from Lyons. Her work essentially relies on letting color organically infuse the precious fabric and allowing it to radiate. Her pieces are to be considered as large-scale paintings that shine in a spectacular chromatic experience. Each piece becomes an artwork to wear on your skin.

Elo de la Ruë du Can entrusted the signature of her silks to Motché Paris-Lima. An archeologist expert in Peruvian jewelry, its founder Carole Fraresso designed golden appliques in 18 carats which delicately merge with the fineness of silk. Each gold tag is dated, numbered and hand-engraved with an evocative symbol.

Respectively trained at the National School of Decorative and at the Archeomaterials Research Institute at the University of Bordeaux, the two designers cultivate an ethos that rethinks aesthetics over functionality and goes beyond commercial imperatives. Embracing a new approach of luxury accessories, their artistic work builds a subtle and intimate visual repertoire revolving around historical, technical, and symbolic references.

Genuine works of art, the displayed painted scarves are entirely handmade in noble raw materials, offering a bold statement of wearable art.


Exhibition Parade. Free entrance.

Opening on June 22th, 6-10 pm, by invitation.

Galerie Valence. 22 Passage Verdeau Paris 9ème.

Métro Richelieu-Drouot.


Opening RSVP :

Elo de la Ruë du Can


Carole Fraresso